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No Animal Testing


Shaklee Corporation actively supports the development, use, and approval of safe alternatives to animal testing throughout the world. As a matter of policy, Shaklee Corporation and Shaklee Canada Inc. are opposed to and do not conduct animal testing of any kind on any Shaklee product. In one foreign market, the regulatory agencies may conduct their own independent testing on our products, which we do not control.

In 2003, our Shaklee World Headquarters was bombed by an individual who mistakenly targeted us for animal testing. This testing had absolutely nothing to do with us or our products. In fact, it was conducted separately by a pharmaceutical corporation that owned our company at the time. We have been independent since 2004. Unfortunately, this misguided act of violence and continued media coverage of the alleged bomber has created confusion that erroneously links our company with animal testing. Nothing can be further from the truth. We believe in and support the ethical treatment of all animals.